Since 2006, the passed out students of Nagarjuna Training Institute and others Ambedkarite students initiated the Ambedkarite educational Activism in Western part of Odisha. Later in 2012, they formed Kalinga Mitra Trust (KMT) which works on Ambedkarite Buddhist ideology to carry forward the social and educational transformation movement.  

One of the important activities KMT involved in mobilising and supporting youths coming from Bahujan (SCs, STs and OBCs) communities in the field of higher education. The primary objective of KMT is to create a critical emancipatory Ambedkarite consciousness among the youths to understand the meaning of social transformation. Apart from that the KMT works on various other social issues such as organising workshop on Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, organise retreat on Buddhism, develops Buddhist cultural activities, organise workshop on Dr. Ambedkar’s writings and speeches, publishing Nirveda magazine, mobilise masses to fight against Caste Violence and atrocity. KMT actively fought against Lathor caste violence, and organised masses to fight against injustice in 2012. Similarly, KMT had mobilised thousands of masses fighting against the rapists and murder of Shenhalata in 2015 in western part of Odisha. Furthermore, KMT actively participate in promoting Bahujan (SCs, STs, and OBCs) movements take place in Western Odisha (WO).

More than a decade KMT focus to mobilise youths in the field of higher education. The FOUR DAYS yearly Conference on Education, Youth, and Social Transformation that has created a great impact among the youths and germinated Ambedkarite consciousness in few districts of WO. More than four hundred students participate and get inspiration every year. As a result, there are several students studying in central and state universities in India. Swati Suna is one of the KMT member, a successful Dalit girl is pursuing PhD in Sydney University Australia through National Oversea Scholarship Govt. of India. There are similar outstanding achievement KMT has contributed to the Ambedkarite movement. To cite few cases, Bibekananda Suna PhD from JNU, appointed as an Assistant Professor, was an active member of UDSF and BAPSA. Bansidhar Deep got through Govt. Added College Odisha Higher Education Board, earlier he contested for the post of a vice president in JNUSU election in 2016. Jitendra Suna is one of the extra-ordinary emerging student leader and intellect in India, in 2019 he contested for the post of president in JNUSU election, his study and struggle created a national attention that represents the Ambedkarite politics. There are several students continuing their Bachelor, Master, M. Phil, and PhD far more actively engaging in students politics of their respective university’s campus, for example Hyderabad Central University, TISS Mumbai, JNU, Central University Gujarat, EFLU, Pondicherry Central University, Gangadhar Meher University Sambalpur, and other universities. All these successful people are not only achieved in their life, but they support students, do research on social justice agenda, and contribute the best possible way to the development of Ambedkarite Buddhist movement. 

KMT enchants the mantras of educate, agitate, and organise. KMT is one of the rare organisations committed to the work on educational development of marginalised communities and social transformation. To organise this grand FIVE days conference on Education, Youth and Social Transformation which is going to be held from 27th to 31st December, 2019, KMT appeals for public donation. KMT requests you to extend your financial support and contribute to the success of this great programme. This year the KMT commits to accommodate eight hundred students for FIVE DAYS residential conference. There will be multiple level of creative activities such as speeches, cultural events, documentary screening, Art exhibition, Poetry session, and group discussion and presentation. To organise this event, we do not have our residential place, or our own resources. We entirely depends upon public donation. We require minimum 8 Lakhs fund for this programme. Therefore, we kindly request you to extend your financial support and mobilise students to participate the FIVE Days Conference and contribute towards Ambedkar’s mission. Our Special guests are Dr. Rajasekhar Vundru (IAS), members of BAPSA from JNU, and others.

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NOTE: We want donation from Ambedkarite, progressive people, therefore, the message is meant for close circulation who believe in Ambedkarism.