On this day a child was born in an untouchable family. India is known for its cultural diversity but why a certain section of people remained untouchable and this bitter truth is unknown to many people. Through his struggle from the first day at school he was denied to enter the classroom but later he become the man behind transformation of millions of lives in India. When there was a time untouchable were not allowed to walk on the street, take bath in the public pond, drink water and enter in to the school but today they are living with dignity. This day on 14th April is the greatest festival for all Dalit Bahujan (untouchables), because there is a saying that ‘We are because He was’. Babasaheb and his contribution to the human existence is incomparable. A man like him is a saver of millions of lives born once.


A day full of inspiration

Babasaheb, you uplifted millions of untouchables from marginalization.

Your life become pathway for millions of people today

Your contribution to create human value and a life with dignity

Would have been possible for untouchable today.


You cultivate knowledge and become the world’s greatest scholar

You create a history by fighting against 56 crores of Hindu gods and goddess

And set every step towards the upliftment of untouchables.


Hindu believe that their Gods and goddess are universal

But why they couldn’t uplift the marginalized people and kept them untouchable?

You uncovered the bitter truth behind the conspiracy

That’s why this is the greatest celebration for humanity.


They destroyed and manipulate the ideology of love, peace and dignity

You gave us Buddha to recreate human values and humanity

We could find the way to spiritual life, love, peace and happiness

Truly, You’re the cause of our existence.


The untouchables are roaring in every corner of the world

It has become possible through Education

When you show us the path to reach at Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford.


We stand strongly as proud Ambedkarites

However, your mission is yet to complete

You will be remembered and celebrated forever

Until the mission and vision are unfulfilled.

Jay Bhim

Writer: Ramakanta Naik, PhD Research scholar at TISS, Mumbai.